Rates and Services

 SHADOWBOOK STABLES - Rates and Training Fees


Full Training: Includes a group lesson or training ride 5 times per week- $450 per month.
Half Training: Includes a group lesson or training ride 3 times per week- $350 per month.

Partial Grooming: Includes turn out 7 days a week, blanketing service, and feeding of supplements and medications.  Grooms will also prep and clean up the horses for trainer rides.  All horses must receive this essential day care- $600 per month.

Full Grooming: In addition to ALL the services in partial grooming, this includes tacking and untacking for lessons, putting horse on Eurociser, tack cleaning, show prep, etc.; - $750 per month.

Board: Barn stalls- We bed with bag shavings and clean 2x a day.

Feed:  Timothy, Alfalfa, and Forage hay is fed 3x per day-  Charges will be billed monthly depending on current cost of  hay and amount your horse eats, this determines your "Level" below. 

Supplemental Feed &Supplies: We feed Nutrena, Triple Crown, beet pulp, rice bran, timothy pellets, etc.  This also includes cost for all the grooming and barn supplies used on the horses at home. 

Level 1 cost is $1050 per month, Level 2 cost is $1100 per month, and Level 3 cost is $1150 per month.

LESSON FEES                               
Individual Lessons: Group-$40,  Private-$60.  Haul-in Fee-$20 per lesson, or $200 per month.  


Training at show- $100 per day on showing days, includes all training and show ring rides. $50 on non-showing days.

Grooming at show- $75 per day. This should be paid directly to the grooms for every day the horse is at the show. Additional gratuity is appreciated.  Hotel fees may apply at some shows. There is also a $25 set up fee per horse per show.

Hauling to LA Area shows- $200 per round trip. (Cost varies for out of area shows) San Diego- $325, Oaks- $275, Thermal $350 all round trip.
Expenses for the groom stalls, feed, shavings, supplies, RV, and trainer expenses will be divided by the number of horses at the show.   

Sales: Any purchase, sale, or lease of a horse that Shadowbrook Stables is involved with will be assessed a 10% commission.

PASTURE BOARD at Jeni and Mike's home at 1531 Pasadena Ave, Fillmore:
Pastures are nice sized, flat, and all have lots of shade.  They are cleaned 7 days a week.  Horses are fed twice a day and groomed 2 times a week.  We feed Orchard, Alfalfa, and Forage Hay, as well as supplemental feed of Senior, Alflafa Pellets, Beet Pulp, Triple Crown Growth, or Nutrena Safe Choice depending on what each horse needs. We also do Psyllium for all horses the first 7 days of each month.  This full care pasture service is all included for $450 per month.

Barn Stalls w/ 12x24 In and Outs in Fillmore:
Barn stalls all have comfort mattresses and 12' x  24' in and outs with wires mesh panels. They are cleaned twice daily and bedded with bag shavings, horses eat timothy, alfalfa, and forage hay as well as any extra feed they need- $750 per month. Horses can be put on treadmill or hand walked each day for an additional $300 per month. All feeding of supplements and medications is included.